The Origins of Christianity

The Origins of Christianity  - Venetian Plaster Paintings Art by Daniel Quigley

Venetian Plaster 4ft x 8ft sheet of plywood that I spent 1100 labor hours working on. I took 2 sheets of plywood raised them off each other by 2 inches. I cut out the windows and wall paintings and did 3 separate oil paints ( Adam and Eve, Abraham and Issac, and The background landscape ). I used Venetian plaster for the ceiling, walls, and floor. The table is made from blood wood and purple heart exotic woods. the painting frames are walnut. For J.C. and the boy"s I started with a wooden artist manikin and got the pose right, than took a picture of it, I re-sized it and got the dimensions right than printed it. I laid trace paper over the shape and drew the actual faces and clothing and took another picture of it and printed it out on canvass. Than I did the oil painting . .......THE RESEARCH....I had to do a lot of research for this one and I ran across Di Vinci"s notes that describes all the disciple"s and the one everyone thinks is Mary M. is really John. He describes John as very young and boyish, effeminate. There is no hidden messages in My work of art and according to "Big Daddy Lenny" I couldn't find any in his notes either. Price $45,000
Venetian Plaster Paintings.

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